Hulu, a platform that lets you watch over 1000+ entertainment content at your fingertips. A streaming device that was founded way back in 2007 by Disney and Comcast. Previously, the service was only available for US and Japan but now when the company has expanded its wings with the best-in-class services, Hulu is proud to share its world-class services to its worldwide customers.

A simple is required to unlock series of entertainment shows and access thousands of content. In-demand shows, recorded episodes, live channels, and a lot more features are embedded to give you an on-par experience. The channels can be streamed on different devices at the same time.  If you have just bought its premium subscription and looking to unlock it then you have surely come to the right place. Here, we have got the process described in an easy way to help you activate your Hulu account and access it on your own.

What are the steps to activate Hulu Premium Subscription Services?


Before you begin the activation process, do check if the mobile is compatible with Hulu or not. To do this, simply go to the play store and search the Hulu application over there. Click on the ‘Install’ button. If the installation begins then you can continue this. If not then you have to consult an online professional for further process. If the device is compatible with the application then you can follow the below-given steps. Give a look at the below-listed steps and proceed to Hulu Activate.


●       Launch the Hulu application on your mobile or install it if you don’t have one.

●       Log in to your Hulu account now. Click on ‘Create an account if you haven’t created your account yet.

●       After login, you will see an activation code on the screen.

●       Save code to complete this process.

●       Make use of another device and open a web browser.

●       Go to and press the Enter button.

●       Login to your Hulu screen. (Create a new one if you have not created it yet)

●       Once you log in to your account, a new screen will appear.

●       Enter saved activation code.

●       Next, enter the code in the required field then click on the verify any device button.

●       Once you click on the button a message will appear on the screen that your device is paired with your account. Now when everything is done, you must go back to the device and refresh Hulu application once. The application will automatically be paired with the Hulu account and you can see the display of your favorite Hulu shows on the screen.


The process remains the same no matter whether you live in or out of USA. If you have any confusion on then you can just talk to the support team of Hulu and get your queries resolved.



Final Conclusion

We hope we have got you covered precisely. If you need any other help or want professionals to do the job for you, then you can simply connect with them by visiting the website and connecting with them.  A handful of articles written by professionals are also there to give you an insight into each topic or matter you may found while using Hulu services. They are available for free. If those articles written on activation code don’t suffice your info requirement then you can head to our professionals who have got in-depth knowledge which they are always ready to share with you.